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How to Remove Salt Stains from Your Boots

How to Remove Salt Stains from Winter Boots | Shoetopia Waterloo

  Winter can be tough on our shoes, from snow, ice and slush to dreaded salt stains. And salt stains don’t just look unsightly on your winter boots, but they can also cause permanent, lasting damage to your boots and shorten the life of your boots. Try some of these natural salt stain fixes for… Read more »

Brand Feature: Tana Salt Stain Remover

Tana Salt Stain Remover | Shoetopia Waterloo Fergus Mount Forest

This winter, don’t let dreaded salt stains ruin your carefully crafted outfit – or your boots! While salt stains are an unsightly nuisance during the cold winter months, they can also cause damage to your leather and suede boots and shorten their lifespan. Salt stains can strip the dye colour from your boots if left… Read more »