How To Get Shoes That Fit

How To Get Shoes That Fit- Shoetopia
These days, many shoe stores have a strong DIY mentality. You walk in, look around at the shoes, try a bunch on, and leave when you find something that you think is right. There is little to no customer service — but that’s not how we do things at Shoetopia.

At Shoetopia, we believe in providing you with the best care when you’re looking to find the right footwear. Our professional staff is committed to helping you find the shoe that meets your needs, and your style.

Tips To Get The Best Fit

  1. Your feet swell as you go through your day, so the best time to visit a shoe store is later in the day when your feet are as swollen as they’re going to get.
  1. The size of shoe that fit you two years ago might not work now. Weight gains and losses, growth spurts, health conditions, and hormonal changes can affect the size of your feet. It’s a good idea to get your feet measured every time you purchase new shoes.
  1. Don’t get caught up on the numbers. Every brand and type of shoe fits differently. You might take a size 9 in one brand or type, and a 9.5 or 10 in another — and that’s perfectly normal.
  1. It’s very common to have one foot that is larger than the other. Be sure to purchase shoes that fit your larger foot. We recommend making sure that there is between ⅜ – ½ inch gap between your longest toe and the end of your shoe when standing.
  1. Some shoes are narrow; others are wide. Pick a shoe that is best for the shape of your foot. Don’t force your foot into a stylish shoe, only to experience discomfort. There’s nothing stylish about hobbling around.
  1. Walk around the store in the shoes before you buy them. Even a brief stroll around the aisles will inform you whether you’ll be comfortable walking in them later on.


One of the benefits of being a Shoetopia customer is our loyalty program. Members of the Shoetopia loyalty program get some great perks including:

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Come in to Shoetopia today and find your perfect fit!