Baffin Winter Boots

Winter Boots Made for Canadian Winters

Baffin- Shoetopia
Baffin is a Canadian footwear company, named after Baffin Island in Nunavut, that designs footwear built to take on Canada’s most challenging terrain and weather.

Focused on ensuring protection from the elements, Baffin boots applies Inuit science to make some of the world’s warmest and most comfortable winter boots — perfect for Canadian winters.

Uncompromising in their design, Baffin footwear is durable and dependable, and their winter boots will help you enjoy your activities in the coldest of our winter weather.

“Baffin creates footwear and apparel that allows you to be fully engage
with your environment, regardless of elements.”

Multi-Layer Design

The Inuit use a layering structure in the creation of their traditional boots, which allows them to stay warm and dry in Canada’s most severe winter conditions. Baffin Boots draws on the science of Inuit boot-making and innovates it with a modern, multi-layer process to ensure their footwear will keep you warm and dry.

Baffin makes boots that are suitable for winter expedition and recreation, for ATV and snowmobiling, for snowshoeing, and for hunting and fishing for every member of the family.

Winter boots by Baffin are rated by climate and can provide comfort to temperatures as low as -100 Celsius. Their boots will perform in the harshest conditions because they have been purposefully over-engineered to provide comfort and warmth. Learn more about Baffin’s outdoor technology.

Baffin Is Socially Responsible

Baffin is focused on ensuring that their products are manufactured, as much as possible, in Canada and that any international manufacturing is conducted with fair labour engagements.

They are also partnered with the Sir Edmund Hilary Foundation to assist with education, reforestation, and healthcare for the Sherpas of the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal.

Shoetopia is proud to carry such a quality and caring brand. Come visit us and try on some comfortable and warm Baffin boots today!