Travel Shoes

Travel Shoes at Shoetopia
There’s nothing like planning a special getaway. Taking some time off from your normal routine and enjoying some travel is exciting. Depending on where you are going, and what you are planning, an important consideration is your footwear.

Are you going to a sunny beach, are you heading to Europe to take in the sights, or are your hiking through the mountains? Whatever your needs, you want to pack light — you need a ‘magic shoe’ that is suitable for everything.

Below are our best suggestions for travel shoes:

Summer sandals

If you are heading away on summer vacation, you’ll want a comfortable pair of walking sandals. We suggest Mephisto or Birkenstock. These lightweight shoes are easy to pack, comfortable to wear, and look good on the beach and at the seaside restaurant.

City shoes

If you are travelling to a location to take in the sights, the nightlife, and stroll around on cobblestone or concrete streets, we suggest Clarks or Rockport. These shoes aren’t heavy or large, they are made out of quality leather, and will provide support and comfort while still looking stylish.

Hiking shoes

If you are going on an adventure, trekking through the forest, climbing mountains, or navigating waterways, we suggest Keen or Merrell. These shoes are lightweight, easy to clean, quick to dry, and provide grip and support for complicated terrain.

Wherever your travel takes you, we have the shoes you need.

Come and visit your local Shoetopia store and check us out online to find your perfect travel shoes.