Everyday Pioneers – Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots
Hunter is a British heritage brand with a long history of innovation and we are proud to carry the brand at Shoetopia.

History of Hunter

Established in 1856, Hunter was founded by American entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris who produced rubber boots using a new innovative vulcanisation process (a chemical process which adds sulfur and/or other accelerants into the rubber) to make them very durable.

By the mid-1870s the company had grown from a team of four to 600. Hunter was known for making boots for the military in World War l and World War ll, and in 1956 they created the Original Green Wellington — the iconic design at the heart of the Hunter brand.

Then, in 1977, The Hunter brand was awarded a Royal Warrant by Appointment to the Duke of Edinburgh, and later to Her Majesty The Queen in 1986, an accolade of the highest order.

Wearing Hunters

Hunter boots are now designed for a variety of different purposes, from the farm to the city. To ensure your Hunter footwear fits correctly and comfortably, we recommend wearing the specially designed Hunter socks with the rubber boots.

At Shoetopia, we carry the boots and the special socks so you can get the best comfort and wear from your new Hunter boots.

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