How Can I Stretch My Shoes?

How Can I Stretch My Shoes? | Shoetopia Waterloo Fergus Mount Forest

At Shoetopia, we always recommend buying a great-fitting pair of shoes. But what happens when you already own a pair that fit just a bit too snugly? There are a couple of things you can do at home to stretch your shoes into a better fit.

  1. 1. Wear your shoes around the house

If you have an uncomfortably tight pair of shoes, wearing them around the house is a great way to stretch them to the shape and size of your feet. While this is not the quickest way to stretch your shoes, it will help in the long term and encourage them to adapt to your unique foot shape and size.

2. Freeze your shoes

If you want a quicker method of stretching your shoes, try this: fill two ziploc bags full of water and place one in each of your shoes. Put both shoes in the freezer, and leave them in the freezer until the water has frozen completely. Water expands when it freezes, so it will expand to stretch out your shoes. You can try it a second time if the first time doesn’t stretch them enough.

3. Heat your shoes

Who knew freezing and heating your shoes could produce the same results? To stretch your shoes, put some thin socks on your feet, then put your shoes on. Grab a hairdryer and heat the shoes using high heat on all of the areas you’d like to stretch. The thin socks will help protect your feet from the heat. Move your feet around as you heat the shoes to encourage the material to stretch more.

Have you tried all of these shoe stretching tricks without any success? Come into Shoetopia in Waterloo, Fergus and Mount Forest, and let us stretch your shoes with our stretching mechanism. We also carry a shoe stretch spray by Tana which helps your shoes fit to your foot!