How to Remove Salt Stains from Your Boots


How to Remove Salt Stains from Winter Boots | Shoetopia Waterloo

Winter can be tough on our shoes, from snow, ice and slush to dreaded salt stains. And salt stains don’t just look unsightly on your winter boots, but they can also cause permanent, lasting damage to your boots and shorten the life of your boots. Try some of these natural salt stain fixes for your leather and suede boots this winter.

Leather Boots

Leather is one of the most susceptible fabrics to damage from salt stains, and the best way to prevent damage on your boots is to remove the salt as quickly as possible:

  1. 1. Mix together a solution of one part water and one part white vinegar
  2. 2. Using a clean, soft rag, wipe the salt and other dirt away with the solution
  3. 3. Repeat until the salt has been cleaned completely
  4. 4. Dip a clean cloth in water and wipe the boots, removing the vinegar solution
  5. 5. Dry boots with a clean towel

Suede Boots

  1. 1. Wipe off any dirt or debris that may be built up on the surface of the boot; do this with a suede brush to as not to damage the material
  2. 2. Mix together a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water
  3. 3. Using a clean washcloth or cotton balls, wipe your boots down with the vinegar and water solution, making sure not to soak them
  4. 4. Stuff the insides of your boots with newspaper or a clean, dry cloth to help them maintain their shape while they dry
  5. 4. Always let suede boots air dry, and never place them next to heaters
  6. 5. Clean the suede brush and use it to restore the suede’s fibres once the boots are dry

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