Brand Feature: Tana Salt Stain Remover

Tana Salt Stain Remover | Shoetopia Waterloo Fergus Mount Forest

This winter, don’t let dreaded salt stains ruin your carefully crafted outfit – or your boots! While salt stains are an unsightly nuisance during the cold winter months, they can also cause damage to your leather and suede boots and shorten their lifespan.

Salt stains can strip the dye colour from your boots if left on too long. That’s why it’s important to clean your boots regularly. The good news is that keeping your boots free of salt stains is simple with Tana’s Salt Stain Remover, and this step-by-step cleaning process:

  1. Any time you go inside from the snow, salt and slush, be sure to wipe off your boots immediately to prevent the salt from drying to your boots; salt also reacts quickly at room temperature, so most of the damage is done after you’ve worn your boots outside.
  2. Use the salt stain remover from Tana, complete with a handy applicator. Repeat if necessary.
  3. Apply shoe polish to cover white marks if the salt stains have stripped your boots of their colour.
  4. Protect your shoes with Tana’s complete line of shoe products.

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